Consciously Living, Growing & Leading.

Building Presence

DragonFly supports individuals and organisations through tailored adult development and leadership programmes. The foundation of our programmes is formed around three key practices…


Living Consciously

The world’s wisdom and traditions teach us to pay attention, to bring awareness to one’s own character and feelings.  Cultivating this capacity helps us to tune into our inner signals, and to recognize how our emotions impact self, others, and our environment.

Each moment is an opportunity to be self-aware. Thus, the more we practice it, the more proficient we become, and the greater our capacity to recognize the space between stimuli and our response to said stimuli – ensuring a more conscious and skilful approach to all of our experiences.

Growing Self

Growing a sense of another human and our connection to them determines how we participate in each of our relationships – be it work based, friendship or an intimate bond.

Building our capability to seek, hold and integrate various perspectives, and to deepen our human connections enables us to build greater levels of empathy. By bringing awareness to each moment and acknowledging the mirrors we face in front of us, we see our strengths and weaknesses in all their glory – improving our judgement, and awakening us to our own patterns and flaws.


Leading Strategically

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. For each task or situation we face, we will encounter varying conditions, some favourable, some challenging. Leading strategically honours these conditions, and allows us to bring more fluidity between everyday challenges and the bigger picture – through this we create change, naturally engage others and make a difference. 

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