Transformational coaching for a world with more conscious leaders

Dragonfly Coaching has been working with leaders in small and large scale organisations for over 15 years. For us, all leadership begins with being conscious about how you show up, and Dragonfly can help you to be that conscious leader- a leader of self, of others, of your organisation, and for society itself.

We can help you…

Build more authentic working relationships

We help you foster connection so that you can rally employees behind a shared sense of connection, building trust, gaining emotional loyalty and having the difficult conversations. 


Take your people with you

How to be upfront, on point and transparent about what you are doing and why.  Seeing vulnerability as a leadership strength.

Be more inclusive

Creating a stronger emotional connection with your teams and ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging.  Leading from the heart not just the head. Turning human doings into human beings, we all know how it feels to feel like a number!

Build organisational resilience

Being agile is having a strategy and creating a cultural advantage.  You and your team being more inventive as to how you do business.  Being more innovative to solve challenges and creating new approaches will mean your organisation will emerge on the other side of a crisis.

Coaching that fits you…

Our packages are competitively priced, and tailored for you and your organisation

1 to 1

    • Virtual or Face to Face
    • Building self-awareness
    • Finding your purpose
    • Career and life coaching
    • Developing others
    • Coaching for facilitators


      • Working with new and established teams
      • Understanding individual needs for effective team working
      • Understanding team dynamics
      • Building Trust
      • Having effective conversations
      • Creating a team purpose
      • Improving communication

      Tailored Consulting

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        Recent Success Stories…

        Cordelia gave me the confidence to pursue a leadership style that I truly believed in, despite the potential difficulties it could cause me (and my employer at the time). This was daunting but Cordelia encouraged and supported me every step of the way. Not only was this incredibly liberating but has delivered far better results than ever before (both commercially and emotionally). Cordelia gave me the courage to follow my own path and to embrace thinking differently. I can never thank her enough for this.

        Matt Vogel

        Managing Director

        Her experience of working with both big business and SMEs gives her a great mix of skills, always balancing the “human” with an appreciation of commerciality and driving results for the organisations she works with, and her passion for enabling business improvement through leadership coaching is nothing short of infectious. She’s worked with us to create a tailored approach that suits our current needs as well as our aspirations, and having already seen significant positive impacts I’m looking forward to her continuing to work with us over the coming months and years to help us realise our goals through what, as a direct result of our working together, already feels like a far more harmonious and focussed business.

        Alex Hens

        CEO, Harbour ATS

        About Cordelia

        Leadership Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach

        Cordelia Grant is the founder of Dragonfly Coaching and has over fifteen years experience as a professional coach.

        After an exceptionally successful twenty-year career with one of the UK’s largest retailers, she has gone on to work with some of the largest and smallest organisations in the world as a consultant, coach and facilitator. 

        Her heart lies in working with individuals and teams, but she has been known to take the stage on occasion delivering workshops to larger audiences.

        Cordelia has been described as displaying a strong intuition which compliments a unique ability to combine warmth, humour and respect with skill, insight and a flair for gentle yet incisive challenge.